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Winston Churchill is referenced with the quote “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”

Churchill didn’t know it at the time, in 1943 when he made this statement, but he would go on to prove this statement to be irresolutely true, however for all the wrong reasons. When rebuilding the bombed-out House of Commons, Churchill insisted that despite the fact that the old building was too small for the modern needs of its occupants, that the building be erected in precisely that same place with the exact dimensions in which it had previously been structured. The reason being that he felt that the overcrowding would create a sense of urgency which would in turn motivate the politicians to higher levels of productivity. He couldn’t have been more mistaken in that case, however, at the same time, he couldn’t have been more correct. The building did shape the politicians! Just not in the way that he had intended.

Since the beginning of humanity, we have had the indispensable need for shelter. Shelter has provided human beings with safety, warmth, space to home their families and protection from the great outdoors. Human beings have always required a space to keep them and their families safe from the threats of predators on the outside as well as from the elements. Stemming from there humans, have taken time out of their busy lives, to ensure that they have a safe place that is theirs and theirs alone. Further to this, humans have developed a necessity of finding a place to house and keep safe their goods for sale or exchange, stock that they could sell or use to procure what they needed to sustain their families and get a varied of goods that they themselves may not have had the skill or ability to produce or grow themselves.

From humble beginnings, homes and businesses have grown to be more than just places to store people and goods which are precious. Homes and places of business have become more than just the structures or shapes that they have been styled into. Buildings have come to represent who we are, who we have been and where we are going.

dblo architect studio recognises that the buildings that we shape, in turn shape us. With that kind of intensity of outcome for both function and form, whether it is your home or your workplace, we understand the effect that the building will have on your life. Going above and beyond the ability to merely protect you and your loved ones, your home is the ultimate representational display of your being.  With that in mind, it is every aspect of design that becomes the focus point of your build, new or renovated, residential or commercial, community or public. Design is the tool that we use to ensure that every aspect of the building is utilised to its fullest potential and that creative design and high-quality construction enhances the environment and the community giving a sense of place and responsibility.

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dblo Commerical Architects based in Clapham

If you are in a position to literally build your own business, including the structure, the most effective way your architect can help you is by helping to achieve beautiful design in a cost effective manner. Designing your own business is a privilege not afforded to many people so if you are in this position you already know how important great design is. And of course great design is more often than not, accompanied with practical aspects required within that work environment.

Even the most ostentatious and creatively designed businesses, have practical aspects and requirements which centre on the practical aspects and work needs of the company. Thankfully not everyone has a penchant for grandiose design but a business without a bit of panache added during the design process seems like a creative opportunity wasted. No doubt as the process begins you will find yourself, either full of intrepid ideas or at a sheer loss of where to even begin. Sometimes the process gets easier for those who have a tough time getting started. Sometimes the process gets way more complicated than previously expected for those who plan to design architectural feats.

Either way, your architect is there to meter the process for you. Its true when they say that a person doesn’t know what they don’t know. So when it comes to massive task of designing your dream business, having someone on hand who not only has the technical knowledge and expertise to guide you, but who also has experience in the design process and who know ahead of time, the trials and tribulations that lay before you. Your architect sees the bigger pictures from every angle and already knows how to educate you and help define exactly what you plan to build. But this should not come at extra cost. Inevitably, when beginning the building process one can expect that your build may cost more than you originally anticipated but there are ways for your architect to help you to keep the costs down such as suggesting alternatives for your building materials which will give you the same outcome and finished product, but that may cost you less and last just as long.

Otherwise your architect should be able to assist you with any logistics such as down-sizing or down-scaling the plans, avoiding unnecessary additional rooms which you may think that you need but don’t really. Or by helping you maximise your use of space in such a way that you find that you end up being able to more effectively use the areas that you have, rather than building upwards or side-ways, thereby also saving on costs. With the cost of living rising at a rapid rate, and properties costing more despite a smaller size, its always wise to rely on cleverly designed smaller spaces to provide you with everything that your business requires.

Another option is to consider sustainable architectural designs which realistically will cost you more initially but which will also save you money in the long run and which have the added benefit of ensure your business is not only of benefit to the earth but also of benefit to your budget. If you are considering all of your options and feel its time to consult with an expert, then we recommend the dbo’s commercial architects Fulham or the Commercial architects Clapham for assistance with any commercial project.

dblo Associates London based Commercial Architects

Change the way you view the world with a beautiful home makeover. dblo Associates architects London will assist with the most affordable way of giving your home a new look and feel. Known for simplicity, modern, high-quality workmanship is what sets dblo apart from their competitor. They have an innovative, passionate, creative team of people who strive to deliver the best in the industry.

dblo Associates always striving for perfection; their work covers architecture, interior design and development. Working as a studio, allows flexibility to expand and contract to suit workloads and to draw on the wider expertise of our associate studios across London.

They recently did a house extension, refurbishment and remodelling for a property in Tenniel Close, Bayswater, London. An existing two storey 3 bed terraced house at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac, was extended, refurbished and remodelled to create a modern luxury pied-a-terre. the existing house was completely refurbished with new room layout, kitchen, bathrooms, and bespoke staircase. the project increases the floor space with a rear and mansard extension and opens up the ground floor, introducing light to all areas with two large roof lights and full width sliding folding doors to the rear.

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dblo associates help the less fortunate

Being homeless must be the most devastating circumstance for anyone to find themselves in especially the main breadwinner. At a time when jobs are being cut worldwide, people are losing their jobs, families’ are losing their homes and security finding themselves sleeping on the streets of London.

In London alone homeless living on the street has risen a drastic 43% last year.

It’s no suprise then that companies such as dblo associates Commercial Architects London and Residential Architects London have stepped in to assist in any way possible.

These are people who are like making a difference in others lives. They are passionate about helping the less privileged. That says it all for their business ethics and always ensuring their client’s needs are met.

dblo architects studio brings together a team of architects with a wide experience and knowledge

dblo architects studio brings together a team of architects with a wide experience and knowledge across a variety of project and contract types

The loss of a job has meant the loss of a home for many people in this country. Street homelessness has risen by 43% in London alone during the last year.

dblo associates are proud to now be supporting Shelter the housing and homeless charity – Shelter believe that everyone should have a home, visit their website at:  http://england.shelter.org.uk/home

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dblo architects have many years experience and will provide you with an affordable solution to transform your home

dblo architects London Residential is currently working on a project including the extension, refurbishment and remodelling of a georgian terraced house to provide a modern family home with the spaces and connections required by busy family life

dblo Residential Projects include Residential Extension and Refurbishments, Residential Remodeling and Residential New Build Developments.

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Create A Professional Corporate Ethos with DBLO Commercial Refurbishment

DBLO associates, formed in 1998, are a team of architects with wide experience and knowledge across a variety of project and contract types.

The quality and design of the working environment is critical to the well being and productivity of staff and for conveying a corporate ethos.

DBLO associates work covers commercial refurbishment, architecture, interior design and development.