Having a Will means protecting your family’s future

Christmas time approaches and most families are planning their holidays or restful breaks which they intend to spend with friends and family.  Pain and sadness is magnified even more at Christmas time than it seems during the rest of the year. Although losing a loved one at any time of the year is always heart-breaking and a time of grief, there is something about a loss at Christmas time that seems to be that much more devastating.  Lodge Brothers have had the honour of assisting families with their loss and grief at this time of year for many years and so we are heightened to the fact that losing a loved one at this time is simply heart-wrenching. Even more so when faced with the death of a young person or someone with a young family. During this time traditionally filled with laughter and joy, some families are quietened by the blanket of grief and uncertainty when a loved on passes. Lodge Brothers funeral directors are permanently on call when the unexpected happens and the festive season is no exception.

For those families afflicted by death during the festive season, however, “good will” is not the only will that they may be faced with. You may also need to consider your own Will. It is our wish to you this Christmas time to remember that it is sadly no only older folk who pass away and that those with young families are generally the most unprepared when it comes to having a will in place in case of their unforeseen passing. It is the family members left behind that have to most to lose when a parent fails to plan for the unexpected event of their own passing. The sad truth is that Lodge Brothers Legal Services Addlestone Wills, have seen many instances where a family has suffered as the result of parents not preparing Wills or equally as detrimental, preparing of a Will that is not correctly administered. Ascot Wills and Ashford Wills Legal Services assist clients with the correct and legal preparation of a valid Will.

Dont let your family become one which contributes to the Will statistics which show that 70% of people over 18 do not have their own Will in place. Complications which arise from this fact will weigh heavily on those left behind who will need to know how to deal with your estate as you would have wanted it to be dealt with. This is too large a task to leave to another who is already struggling with the burden of your loss and the logistics of dealing with a funeral. Especially at Christmas time, complications are made worse merely by the fact that it is that time of year and emotions and stress levels are already usually at peak levels. Look after your family in death as you would want to in life by taking care of the details that need to be taken care of and alleviating them of that added stress. It is the best gift that you could possibly give to your family this Christmas season.

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