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First visit to the salon for your first waxing treatment can be something to loose sleepless nights over. Di, a 66 year old women experienced her first bikini wax under interesting circumstances. Needing to go to the doctor to investigate a mysterious lump in her groin, Di decided that it would be a good idea to ensure that the area was exposed to ensure that the doctor was able to check the area properly. This decision was a daunting one for a mature woman who had never before felt the need to wax previously since waxing has only grown in popularity within the last 10 years or so with more and more men and women choosing to minimize their bodily hair and hair regrowth. Daunting as it was, Di made her Waxing Treatments Hammersmith visit to the branch of Waxing London and undeterred by the fear of unknown arrived with a cheer to experience her first wax.

On arrival, Di expressed her concern about the pain of the hair removal process. We assured her that the experience was not going to be nearly as bad as she may have anticipated in her mind and showed her to the private room where she prepared herself for the experience. As always, the therapist understands the anxiety and makes a concerted effort to allay any fears and concerns and to make sure that clients feel as comfortable as physically possible before the treatment begins. It is natural to feel embarrassed when having a bikini wax however your therapist will always remain professional and understanding. The process was explained in detail and Di agreed that it was time to begin.

The application of the wax for first-timers can be an interesting experience as the wax is definitely hot but should never burn the skin of the person receiving the treatment. The wax is very thick and has to be “scraped” onto the skin using a spatula type applicator, ensuring that the entire area that needs to be waxed is suitably covered so that no areas are left un-waxed. The wax is then removed by the therapist who lifts the wax off the skin in sharp and rapid pulling motion away from the skin, taking as much of the wax off as possible in one swift movement. When experiencing the first pull, its common for the client to respond to the hair being removed from the skin as it does sting a little, however Di was brave and the process moved steadily along until all of the hair had been removed from the groin area. Any therapist is sensitive to the pain involved and should do everything possible to alleviate the sting but you can always tell when your therapist is experienced and knowledgeable as usually the sting is not so bad. Some might decide to take a mild pain killer before the treatment but mostly this should not be necessary if you are using someone who knows what they are doing. The treatment is usually done quickly and proficiently to ensure that the treatment is over before you know it.

Di’s first visit was a success and the doctor was able to locate a small hernia in the area which she subsequently had operated on. Di says she will be back to Waxing Hammersmith again soon, for her follow up visit now that she knows there is little to worry about.