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IBS Ltd are committed to on-going relationships with our customers through the assurance that we are able to provide to you, that we will do what we say we will do each and every time, irrespective of the nature or size or your order or project. Our confidence comes from the knowledge that we are able to 100% commit to offering you the very best for your business since we know that not only are our products ready to be delivered to you at a moment’s notice but that we also offer quality. 30 years of experience as afforded us the expertise that is required to sustain customer relationships because of great quality and reliability.

At IBS, it is our unwavering desire and dedication to excellent customer service which sustains our growth and success and we are proud to say that this has resulted in our reputation as a reliable service provider. The mainstay of our business IS excellent customer so whether it is our products you are looking for, or our services which you are interested in, you can trust that you receive the best of what we have to offer. No one customer stands above another, which is why small, medium and large businesses receive the same level of service from us, regardless. We deliver the best of new or reconditioned, bought or hired products as well as providing a variety of beneficial and convenient services in support of these products.

Manufacturing, engineering, retail and other industries rely on pumps, blowers and compressors such as the ones we provide , to keep their organisations operational which is why we have on stock, a large range of product options which are available to you immediately. Products such as the Side channel blowers, Biogas compressors, liquid ring vacuum pumps, Industrial and portable vacuum pumps and road tanker equipment, are ready for delivery or collection and any time. IBS Ltd also has a team of experienced engineers for Process Engineering UK to provide on-site services and technical assistance. IBS Ltd can also assist with the repair, servicing and reconditioning of each of these types of products.

Yet another benefit that we are proud to offer, which we believe makes us stand out above any other service provider of pumps, vacuums and compressors within the UK is our extensive range of spare parts which we keep in stock. After 30 years in action we have managed carry spares for most types of blower sets, vacuum pumps and systems are available. Hire of heavy industrial vacuums can be done via our website. Intake filter elements and assemblies, non-return and pressure relief valves, filter foams, are a small list of the commonly replaced items which we have kept in stock for immediate dispatch meaning less down-time for your organisation, costing you less and getting you up and running fast. Other common examples are blower parts (ie. bearings and seals which are on consignment stock) for all major manufacturers including Aerzen, Dresser (Holmes), Hick Hargreaves, Adams Ricardo/Wade and Robuschi as well as many others. In addition, older parts that are no longer available from the OEM are manufactured to original tolerances by us to meet the exact specifications for which they were originally produced.


Enhance your vacuum pump performance with regular servicing

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Want to know how to increase the duration of the life-span of your vacuum pump? This is a major piece of machinery which plays a major role in the running of your business. There are many vacuum pumps currently in service which may not be fully functioning to their potential output and until the vacuum physically breaks and stops working entirely; this may be something which could go unnoticed. Having a an employee who for some reason or another, be it disease, disability or simply as a result of personal emotional stress which may be on-gong, would have role to play in the performance of that individual on a day-to-day basis. As we move through our daily work requirements a slow build up can occur and the stresses and strains which we are under can have a devastating effect on our performance at work as well as our general health and well-being. To counter-act this, employees are required to take leave so that they can recuperate and recover from the daily grind.

In a similar light, any piece of equipment can experience the same as the result of general wear-and-tear, lack of servicing or problems with some of the components such as oil. Perhaps the environment in which the equipment is being kept is not ideal in terms of moisture or over-heating. On-going exposure to these external factors could play a major role in the under-functioning of the equipment if not identified and addressed. If one does identify that a machine such as a vacuum pump is not functioning to maximum potential would certainly be the right thing to do to take the time to investigate the situation further. This is why IBS believes that it is vital that consideration be made to the care and maintenance of your vacuum pump and with this in mind, we offer on-site Vacuum Pump Servicing.

Having a proactive service schedule will allow you to be proactive in avoiding any unnecessary bear and tear on your pump and this will facilitate a long-life span of the equipment which will be a cost-saving exercise in and of itself. Unplanned downtime as the result of breakages or non-functioning pumps could cost your business more in the long run, with additional costs incurred through the repairing or replacing of your pumps. Not to mention the slowing down of production time, making you potentially unable to meet deadlines and further loosing not only production time, but potentially clients. We all know and understand that while equipment can be maintained and serviced but once a client is lost, that relationship cannot be as easily mended or repaired.

If you are not sure if your vacuum pump is working in to optimum levels of performance, IBS offers energy consumption audits which will help to identify whether your machinery is out-putting at maximum capacity or if there is the proverbial “slow-leak” which is draining your system of its full potential. Just as your employees require a break from their work in order to function better, remember to service your vacuum pumps and assess their functionality regularly.

keep downtime to a minimum with IBS

Our company has experienced many hours of downtime as our industrial equipment continually breaks down and trying to find a reputable company to repair the equipment after hours have proven difficult. IBS was highly recommended for Blower Servicing and equipment hire so we contacted them and have not looked back since.

IBS Blowers – Industrial Blower Services are based in the UK serving the Industrial, Utility, Manufacturing, and Municipal sectors within the following areas of application:-

  • Sewage treatment
  • Production – Chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, food, pulp, paper, electronics, and textile
  • Power plants
  • Packaging
  • Conveying
  • Printing
  • Medical
RVS Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump  

Service Exchange

IBS carry a large range of blowers that enable us to offer a speedy service exchange facility.

If you cannot afford the time for them to repair your blower, providing they have a suitable replacement in stock, they will forward a replacement blower immediately to minimise downtime. Upon receipt of your old machine, providing it is in serviceable condition, they will charge for the replacement at the service exchange value. If your blower is not serviceable, they will upgrade your purchase to reconditioned status.

Industrial Vacuum Services; impressively they have recently expanded and opened offices in America; for information about their global expansion view IBS Blowers UK and IBS Blowers USA.

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